How to Create Your Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

How to Create Your Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

No matter whether you are a lover of designer labels or you just love to organise your clothes nice and neatly away, a walk-in wardrobe is the perfect addition to any house. As long as you plan ahead and utilise your space, there is no reason why you can’t have a walk-in wardrobe that even Carrie Bradshaw herself would be jealous of. Before you start planning your new built-in wardrobes, make sure to check out our top tips on how to create your perfect wardrobe space.

Utilise Every Inch of Space

Before you get started planning your new built-in wardrobes for your bespoke bedrooms, you need to make sure that you are utilising every inch of space that you can. You may even want to steal some inches from the print of another room and if you’re in the process of renovating or extending your home and will be including bespoke bedrooms, make sure that you plan the layout with fitted wardrobes in mind, as this will really help provide clever storage space.

Hanging is Key

While it is easy enough to place another set of drawers in your bedroom, putting in space to hang your clothes is not quite so easy. We would advise you to organise your clothes into short and long bundles and then see how much hanging space you will need for each of them. Once you have this figure, add on 20% to give you that little bit of extra space, as we know once you have your new bespoke wardrobes that you will definitely want to fill them! The average ceiling height is 2.2m and this allows for two rows of short hanging space or one long hanging space with drawers underneath.

Make Use of Any Previously Unwanted Space

When creating your walk-in wardrobes, think about making use of any unwanted space. For example, any shelves above hanging rails are the perfect place to store any items you don’t frequently use such as shoe boxes or handbags.

Don’t Lose Space on Shoes

For many of us, shoes are a weakness and we have more pairs than we will realistically ever need. However, that does not stop us from going out and buying more anyway! With walk-in wardrobes, shoe bars will only work with heeled footwear and so instead we would recommend fitting flat shelves plus some see through plastic boxes. These are fantastic for stacking and you’ll be able to find the right shoes that you want at a glance.

Feature Clever Fittings

Again, ensure that you are making the most of your space by including clever fittings. This can include pull out shoe shelves which allow you to put away multiple pairs of shoes in a narrow space.

What About Lighting?

When creating your bespoke wardrobes, many people forget about the lighting. Lighting can be costly; however this is something that you should certainly think about factoring into your budget as LEDs can provide you with great lighting to view your garments with. Spotlights are another great option as they can be adjusted.

Keep Wall Space Free

Try to optimise your space as much as you possibly can when having bespoke wardrobes fitted. An easy way in which you can do this is by using sliding doors; these will not limit your storage space. You’ll need lots of free wall space for your fitted bedroom, so why not get creative? Take out radiators and put in underfloor heating instead to ensure that you get as much wall space as you can.

Top Drawers

If you are on a budget creating your perfect walk-in wardrobe, remember that drawers come with a much bigger price tag than shelves. Consider folding and stacking garments to maximise your budget and your space.