Ten ingenious ways to maximise your bedroom space

Ten ingenious ways to maximise your bedroom space

No matter how big or small a bedroom might be, there is always room for a little 'out of the box' thinking that can help to maximise the space that is available. With this in mind, we’ve detailed a few of the ways that you can use your space more wisely.


Any room in the home that is untidy or cluttered can seem much smaller than it really is. De-cluttering is something of a long-term buzzword for interior designers, but all it really means is throwing some things away and making sure there is enough storage space for the rest.

Bed size

Having a big king-size bed is great but it isn't always really necessary. A smaller bed can make room for a study desk or more storage options, while a more radical approach such as a suspended bed frame can provide a lot more floor space and a whole new look to a room.


Once a staple in any student abode, the futon has had something of a comeback lately as the benefits of multi-functional furniture have become apparent once more. Futons double up as a sofa so small flats and teenagers living at home can have more flexibility.

Clever storage

Some older storage solutions such as dressers and ottomans can take up a lot of floor space. With modern designs and bespoke bedroom plans there is no excuse for sticking in the past. Rolling under-bed storage is just one example of how to really maximise available space.

Flat surfaces

Simply working out how available flat surfaces in a bedroom can be utilised more effectively can make a world of difference to how big it feels. Try looking at you room as if you were moving into it for the first time, as rearranging furniture might provide just the solution you’re looking for.

Put things elsewhere

It might sound strange to mention, but other rooms in your home can be used to help make a bedroom bigger. By keeping winter coats or other seasonal clothing elsewhere for example, you can make a great deal of difference when it comes to available bedroom storage.


A large television can dominate any room and a bedroom is no exception. Apart from the negative impacts that a TV can have on sleeping patterns, these days a laptop or tablet can easily provide the same usage without the need for a huge screen.


No matter how much storage is in a bedroom, it can only be useful when utilised properly. Vertical space can be efficiently used for many things so closets and wardrobes can really benefit from some ingenious thinking.

Wall mounted solutions

Putting a screen on a wall bracket or having off-the-ground cupboards to maximise available floor space means using your walls is a another excellent way of making the most of what you have.

Colours and designs

Colours and materials can also have a big impact on the way we perceive how big a space is, as can the amount of natural light a room has. So think about your colour schemes and placement of accessories such as mirrors to make your bedroom look and feel bigger – it is generally accepted that lighter colours play tricks on the mind, meaning a room can feel more spacious than it actually is.