The top 10 quirky bedroom storage solutions

The top 10 quirky bedroom storage solutions

Any room in your home needs to have somewhere to store things, but when it comes to bedroom storage solutions it is something that can challenge the best of us. Thankfully by using some twists on traditional methods combined with brand new up-to-the minute ideas there is an answer for everyone, so here are ten quirky things that can really help you make the most of your bedroom space.


If you live in a period property the chimney breast can sometimes seem like a waste of space if you don't have a real fireplace. However, you can turn a defunct fireplace into a neat cupboard by boxing it off and fitting doors and shelves

Outside the box

Vintage trunk boxes are easy to come by at car boot sales or online auctions and they make a great solution for storing clothes, bed linen or pretty much anything you like.

Glass units

Glass cabinets can make even the smallest space look and feel bigger – shrewd use of an old retail display cabinet can be a cheap and clever way to brighten a room.

Sliding doors

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors really work when it comes to space saving and help to provide a modern clean-lined design, to a bedroom too. Different finishes and even mirrored doors can make an even greater impact, with the latter helping to make a room feel even bigger.


Incorporating your bedside table into your bed's headboard might sound strange but there are some great examples of this easy design trick available. It means doubling up on space saving and functionality at the same time.

More floor space

Using wall-hung storage means more floor space. This makes even the smallest bedroom look less crowded and represents a fantastic way to organise your clothes, your coats or even shoe collection.

Disguised features

A headboard that also features overhead cabinets isn't a new idea, but making it look like part of the wall is. This gives a streamlined and contemporary feel and is perfect for anyone looking to make a real design statement.

Under the bed

A bed usually takes up the most actual floor space in a room so why not use it as hidden-away storage? Simply having some open pullout units on casters can really make a difference, or opt for a bed frame with build-in drawer space.

Sneaky spaces

Many of these examples involve the use of 'sneaky space' and the great thing about this approach is that each room is different so everyone can come up with their own unique ideas. The internet can also be a fantastic source of inspiration if you have certain styles or designs in mind.