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In all our experience designing luxury fitted bedrooms every customer we have helped has wanted to get the most storage possible.  Our design team have created a collection of wardrobe interiors that will make the best use of every inch of space you have.

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You can never have too many shoes (or handbags)

Let's be honest, It's no secret that some of us may have an extensive collection of shoes and hand bags and if your collection is placed in the bottom of a wardrobe, we may just have the answer.  Our shoe store lets you keep your prize possessions safe and sound with everything stored neatly.

The smooth gliding drawers let you reach shoes towards the back easily and the handbag store means matching bags and shoes are displayed together.

The boot store at the top is the perfect place for both low and tall boots, as well as ankle boots.

How you use it is up to you, some of our customers use the entire cabinet for shoes, storing over 80 pairs neatly away behind stylish wardrobe doors.

All of our interior designs are available with every bedroom style we offer.

The Glamour Cabinet

As times change and our lives become so much busier, the idea of the old fashioned dressing table may seem a little dated.  These days many of us seem to get ready for our day or evening whilst multi-tasking.

Taking the time to actually sit down seems a thing of the past, so we have created our discreet dresser which lets you keep everything to hand behind closed doors.  Everything is easy to find.

The down-lights are perfect for make-up and the delicate glass  shelves let the light shine bright throughout all the space.

Hidden behind the make-up mirror is further storage for dryers, straighteners and a curling wand and to keep everything tucked away there is even somewhere to plug everything in!

5 glass fronted drawers below let you organise your accessories easily, so the last minute desperate search for undies and tights, belts and jewelry, silks and scarves is a thing of the past.

Gentleman's Wardrobe Interior

Our extensive experience has taught us that the Gentleman of the house rarely has half of the space available, so we have created a myriad of options for making the best use of the little space he has been given. 

Our Gentleman's wardrobe is available in many widths and lets you neatly store dozens of shirts and trousers.  The glass fronted drawers have plenty of capacity for underwear, ties, belts, accessories and shoes.

Our Designers can help to make sure we find a space for everything.

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